Today maintenance and servicing concepts concentrate on ensuring the highest possible availability of facilities. Continually growing competition regarding quality and network availability leave limited possibilities. The introduction of servicing and maintenance systems  are a logical consequence and are essential to avoid unwanted down-time of facilities. Expert know-how in this field is thus of great importance. We divide maintenance into the basic elements of servicing, inspection, repair and elimination of faults.

  • Servicing

    Measures to  delay the equipment wearing out.

  • Inspection

    Inspections to assess and comment on the actual condition of a facility take place at regular 1-, 2-, 4-, 6- and 12-monthly intervals. This includes determining the cause of the deterioration and the introduction of the necessary preventative measures.

  • Repairs

    Measures to re-instate of a facility to full working condition.

  • Elimination of Faults

    Event-driven elimination of faults 24 h / 365 days.