Today’s maintenance and servicing concepts primarily have the task of ensuring the highest possible technical availability of the system. The constantly growing pressure in the competition for quality and network availability leaves companies little room for maneuver. The introduction of maintenance and repair systems is a logical consequence and necessary in order to avoid unwanted system failures. The subject-specific know-how is very important. We subdivide maintenance into the basic measures maintenance, inspection, repair and fault clearance.

  • Maintenance

    Measures to delay the depletion of the existing stock of wear reserve

  • Inspection

    1-, 2-, 4-, 6- and 12-year interval measures to determine and assess the actual condition of the unit, including determining the causes of wear reserve and deriving the necessary consequences.

  • Repairs

    Measures to return a unit to a functional state

  • Fault Clearance

    Event oriented fault clearance 24h/365 days